If you have ever asked yourself, "What can I do to help the Coop?", THIS is what you can do to help the Coop. We need you, our members and friends, to personally contact everyone who cares about you and who cares about our community, tell them about this campaign and why the Coop matters to you, and ask them to contribute even a small amount.


Need help crafting your plea? Click on the link below for a template to get you started.


We Love Local Vendors! Check out this area map of our closest local vendors


What Products Would You Like to See at CreekSide? 



A Great Time to Join!

If you haven't already joined, now is a great time! CreekSide Co-op's member specials and monthly member appreciation days (giving you a discount on your entire order) will provide a huge return on your member equity. Add to that the patronage dividend (once we're profitable), the range of other member-only services, discounts at area businesses (to be determined), and the marvelous opportunity to join your friends and neighbors to own your market. Click HERE for a full list of member benefits!