Are You All In? CreekSide Equity Campaign

    CreekSide has come a long way since we've opened. We’ve had some great achievements!
  • First year sales that put us in the top tier of new co-ops
  • An attractive, convenient store that has brought new vitality to our community
  • Strong, steady growth and improvement in our operations – this year sales up 18% over last year and trending up
  • A team of owners and employees that are working together to create positive results.

  • Pay Your Equity Installment Here!

      CreekSide is generating enough sales to cover all our day-to-day operating costs. However, we own our building and have a mortgage to pay. Our sales, on a monthly basis, have not been covering the full amount of our mortgage payment. We have been paying the shortfall out of our reserve fund, but our reserve is running dry.

       As owners, each of us committed to invest $400 in equity. Many of us are all in and have made the entire $400 investment. However, there is approximately $350,000 of equity still outstanding from our active owners. If all of us were to fully invest now, CreekSide would have an immediate reserve of $350,000 that would buy us the time we need for our sales to grow to meet our total operating and debt service expenses.

     As owners, we control our store, its destiny and its impact on our community.

     Thank you for your help! 


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     A Great Time to Join!

    If you haven't already joined, now is a great time! CreekSide Co-op's member specials and monthly member appreciation days (giving you a discount on your entire order) will provide a huge return on your member equity. Add to that the patronage dividend (once we're profitable), the range of other member-only services, discounts at area businesses (to be determined), and the marvelous opportunity to join your friends and neighbors to own your market. Click HERE for a full list of member benefits!